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We are excited to present CargoShare P.C., an innovative start up company that is set to revolutionize the shipping industry, specifically the process of freight booking, through its innovative matching and analysis system….

OUR vision

It is important for technology to serve humanity. At Cargoshare , we strongly believe in people coexisting with technological advancement. Shipping, since its inception, has been a large community.
The Problem Our Industry Is Facing

The Professionals in the shipping industry face significant challanges as the volume of information is increasingly becoming larger and more complex


This obstacle affect efficiency, productivity, and the overall user experience.


This leads to missed opportunities, delays and an increase in working hours.

The Problem in Numbers
of potential matches are never known to the interested parties.
0 %
of the work day of the average professional is spending on managing emails.
0 %
revenue is lost per year as a result, in a small company with five persons work crew.
0 k $
Who is affected


Missing Opportunities:
administration may
inevitably lead to
mistakes and
consequently to
tolerable options.


Lost Profits:
In the maritime
sector the competition
is never ending and
every second matters.
You are late, you lose
the job.


High Costs:
Delays lead to the increase
of the intermediaries.
Hence the job can be
completely lost and the
profit is definitely

Our Promise
CargoShare is an online tool that analyses the emails, and through the algorithm that is based on best practices, trends, and market data, provides the best proposals for each route. CargoShare’s proprietary algorithm takes into account key information that is extracted from the user’s emails to identify potential chartering opportunities. Provides a new way of working, with the manual processes being almost eliminated and the companies saving valuable time and finding the opportunity to invest in advanced areas of growth and responsibility.

CargoShare software has already been used by the brokerage firm of CargoShare and our partners.
The tests and the assessments have indicated:

Up To 80%
labour hours
Up To 90% reduction of lost opportunities.
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CargoShare P.C. harnesses the power of artificial intelligence
(AI) to provide unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness to
our clients.

Through sophisticated AI algorithms, our platform analyzes vast amounts of data in real-time, enabling us to deliver precise and optimized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

By leveraging AI, we enhance decision-making processes, optimize shipping routes, and provide valuable insights that
drive sustainable practices and cost savings. With CargoShare P.C., clients can trust that they are accessing the most
advanced technologies available, ensuring their operations are streamlined, efficient, and environmentally responsible.


Our platform enables users to make data-driven decisions, optimizing shipping routes to minimize fuel consumption and significantly lower CO2 emissions by up to 10%. Through advanced algorithms and real-time analysis, we empower our clients to achieve both economic and environmental sustainability.

At CargoShare P.C., we’re not just transforming freight logistics; we’re leading the charge towards a greener, more efficient future for global shipping. Join us as we redefine the industry and make a tangible difference in reducing carbon footprints worldwide.

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