What we do

CargoShare analyses the emails, even the outdated ones, and through the algorithm that is based on best practices, trends, and market data, provides the best proposals for each route.

CargoShare’s proprietary algorithm takes into account key information that is extracted from the user’s emails to identify potential chartering opportunities.

CargoShare as a software solution

CargoShare develops an online platform that automates the chartering procedure. Our approach gives solutions to high brokerage fees, inefficient communication, delays due to many middlemen, and the lack of transparency that exists in the market. To all the above CargoShare’s algorithm brings the solution with quantitative and qualitative characteristics, providing in zero time the best choices based on the user’s needs. The platform environment is user-friendly and there is no need for training. As CargoShare is a result of long research, comes to bring solutions to market’s needs, focuses on the general and dry bulk cargo and gives the opportunity to our partners to choose the best choice due to their strategy.

CargoShare as a brokerage firm

Our team provides competitive shipbroking services to its global client base in the tanker and dry bulk markets, from small size vessels up to VLCC and Cape sizes as well.

Control Dashboard


  • All the info you need on easy access
  • Find Vessels and Cargo in a matter of seconds

Fleet Management


  • Keep your fleet specifics online for repeated use
  • View and manage each vessel’s schedule.

Cargo Offer Management


Manage all your cargo offers in one page. View status, details and notifications.